--- Geolink Wine is an independent distributor based in Arcata, CA and is committed to delivering quality handcrafted wines from the Willamette Valley in Oregon and the Sierra Nevada Foothills. Geolink seeks out boutique wineries that practice various sustainable methods of agriculture. Many of these wineries are small production and family owned or community oriented operations, producing anywhere from several hundred to ten thousand cases a year. (Map at bottom of page.)

--- This endeavor also explores the relationship between geology and wine. How does the terroir relate to the characteristics of the wine? Recognizing the intricate relationship between the land, agricultural methods, and vinification practices is important for the overall health of the land and in delivering a quality bottle of wine.

--- Oregon Pinot Noir grapes are often grown with terroir in mind as many growers make their clone selections based on soil types, slope aspect, bedrock and/or microclimate. Winemaker selections are also chosen during the fermentation process. As a result many wineries offer several estate selections of Pinot Noir that reflect the evolution of the grape from the vine and barrel. Due to the consistent quality, low yield nature, and intensive processes behind Oregon Pinot Noir, demand in many regions of the country is high. Significant volumes of wine do not make it out of major population centers such as Chicago, New York , Washington D.C., and Houston. Geolink Wine is proud to be Humboldt County's premier source of Oregon wines and will strive to promote the wines and businesses that offer them. With intensive production methods and consistent quality, you can have confidence that you will receive quality wine that has a story behind it, from the bedrock to the bottle!

Ordering Geolink Wine!

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Reference Map





Dominio IV

Dukes Family Vineyard





Laurel Ridge & Twin Forks


Monks Gate





Twisted Oak

Whistling Dog

Wild Aire


3 Degrees


GeoLink Wine reminds you to drink responsibly. Alcohol is a drug and must be used with care! Have fun and please be safe!